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Wednesday, 3 January 2018


HOW SCARY IS THIS. Pray you never have a tyre puncture or engine failure on a road like this.



CAR DRIVERS CAUGHT USING A MOBILE PHONE (or other device) WHILE DRIVING should lose the phone/device on the spot. To be destroyed if found guilty or admitting guilt or returned of found not guilty by a court.

The Melbourne HERALD SUN. January 4, 2018.

Monday, 1 January 2018


STATISTICS CAN MISLEAD. TAC stats show there has been an increase in the proportion of road deaths in rural road Victoria as opposed to the city.

"The rising road toll has been blamed on drug-driving, high speeds and elderly drivers."

No mention was made that at the same time as country fatals have increased, country roads have been neglected.

And, when you only consider fatal crashes you do not get a complete picture. Fatal crashes are only a small part of the road crash data each year.

There is a lot more contributing to road crashes than just drugs, speed and age. One contributing factor to the increase in country road fatalities (and other crashes) is the sad state VicRoads has allowed our roads to deteriorate to. Another is the weather. Another is animal strike. Another is foreign tourists. The list goes on

But you won't see that in Melbourne's Age or Herald Sun. It might reflect badly on one or more of the unholy trinity - VicPol/VicRoads/TAC. And, they pay big buck for spin doctors to keep them sweet in the media regardless of who's getting hurt.

We need a road crash data authority that is independent of VicPol, VicRoads and TAC.


From the Melbourne AGE. January 2, 2018.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Sean Lennard’s words on wire rope barrier (WRB) and motorcycle crashes sound credible but they are based on opinion. See the article in Motorbike Writer. The link is below.

Australian crash data is simply not reliable enough to say "there have only been a handful" of casualty crashes involving motorcyclists hitting WRB. 

Studying the injuries caused by collisions with various roadside objects and the three most common barrier types is close to impossible, at least in Victoria in 2017.

Apparently Mr Lennard is again Chairman of the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC)?

It does nothing for bike safety when a well-known motorcycle lobbyist speaks out in favour of a barrier that so many riders are afraid of and that common sense tells us is a threat.


There is no evidence of the number of motorcycle, scooter or bicycle riders killed or injured in collisions with wire rope barriers (WRB) in Victoria because police do not routinely collect data on the type of barrier or roadside object a rider collided with. 

This fact has been documented in three Victorian Parliamentary Inquiries. That's with fatals as well as serious injury crashes. Cross referencing injuries from casualty bike crashes seems all but impossible. If it is done, it is kept very quiet. 

The 2012 Inquiry into motorcycle safety stressed the lack of reliable road safety data and recommended that a crash data research authority be set up independent of VicRoads/VicPol/TAC. That is a fact. 

We may know how many casualty crashes there are in this state each year but we do not know how many fatal and serious injury crashes involving a rider hitting a type of barrier, tree or fixed object happen because the data is not collected from crash sites. Mr Lennard's assertion that "there have only been a handful" of fatal bike crashes involving WRB has to be based on opinion and road authoritiies' spin.

Road authorities have a huge investment to protect. 

Riders are being killed and horribly injured on our roads. There is a lack of reliable information about the crashes. The Independent Riders Group leans towards safety and assumes the worst case scenario. We fight for the removal of WRB because there is no evidence to show it is safer than other types, or safer than no barrier in most situations. 

Certainly more run off areas would be preferable to WRB right next to the road for riders, drivers with a break down and our emergency services.


MOBILE:  0419 846 855.

Friday, 22 December 2017


MAINLANDERS travelling to Tasmania on two and three wheelers should note, some 60% of the island state's road casualties are tourists. "... interstate motorcycle riders make up nearly half of all visitors seriously injured or killed on Tasmanian roads.".

Tassie is probably the best place in Australia to ride a motorcycle or scooter.

If you are riding in Tassie this summer, be aware that:

  1.  the roads are subtly different to mainland roads. Take time to adjust.
  2. The weather can change quickly, particularly on the west coast.
  3. The car drivers behave slightly differently, often because they are international tourists with low skills, rubber necks and conditioning to be on the wrong side of the road.
  4. Beware road kill. There's wildlife on the roads as well as in the pubs.
This excellent map/leaflet is available free on the ferry. Use it.

Ride safe and enjoy this very special Australian state.



Thursday, 21 December 2017

MRA 40 YEAR LUNCH - MAY 5 2018

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Life would be a lot easier for all, especially Victorian riders visiting Tassie, if the island state simply adopted the same bike parking rules as Victoria. Victoria's free, unlimited footpath bike parking (provided you don't block pedestrians etc) has worked brilliantly for around 30 years.